Live Online | October 15–18, 2020

Dismantling Dysfunction,
Embracing Intimacy

An amazing 3 days 4 DAYS of inspiration and practical advice from experts in the fields of recovery, trauma, and relationships.



(Subject to change per speaker and organizational needs. Final schedule will be released the week of the summit.)

Day 1 - October 15, 2020 - Schedule

A Reconciled Relationship: Sobriety, Recovery, and the Holy Grail of Intimacy

Session Starts 1PM Central

After years of marital devastation by sex addiction and expensive yet damaging counseling, Connie and Bob experienced a divorce and then a remarriage. They suffered insane days of continual betrayal until Bob was finally taught the ABC's of sex addiction. He learned why he used sex to medicate his emotions, and Connie found her voice to state what she needed to feel safe and connected to him.


Intimacy came and went like the wind. Closeness was followed by withholding as both struggled in adjusting to a new normal of sober sex. Connie and Bob learned empathy for each other's pain and vulnerably discussed triggers while emotionally escalated — all while grasping for healing and closeness. It felt like a full time job. Connie and Bob now say, "We don't have a fairy-tale marriage. But we wouldn't trade intimately knowing each other, and we are both willing to fight for connection even if it hurts at times."

Bob & Connie Spiegel, CPC
Relational Recovery Coach, Daring Ventures
Founder, Reconciled Relationships

Stacey Sadler,

Bashert, PLLC

Betrayal Trauma Expanded

Session Starts 2PM Central

Let’s talk about the radical idea of expanding the definition of betrayal trauma. As Stacey was to be trained in the process of working with betrayed spouses, it began to dawn on her that she could relate to these clients from her own experience. Stacey began realized that being the spouse of a drug addict qualified her for betrayal trauma as well! The old codependency model that she was taught in Al-Anon left her feeling confused, invalidated, and unheard. Sure, she became empowered and began to take care of herself, but the relational piece of addiction and betrayal was never addressed. Instead she was told to go to Al-Anon and mind her own business rather than being empowered to ask questions about her husband’s recovery and have the opportunity to share the impact of his addiction on her and her family's life. Stacey believes that one of the huge factors in her marriage failing after 24 years was a lack of this kind of relational intervention.


In this session, Stacey will explore the concept of betrayal trauma and how when deception occurs in intimate relationships the most important ingredient to intimacy disappears: trust. When that basis is eroded, and it is covered by more deception, the intimate connection is fractured. Why don't traditional 12-step programs talk about relationship health? Instead people that are married to addictive gamblers, drug and alcohol addicts, overeaters, financial deceivers are told to stay in their own lane and are called co-dependents. This must change.

Finding Ourselves: A Journey to Intimacy

Session Starts 3PM Central

When clients seek help through our custom intensives, they are stuck in a mire of pain and chaos without the ability to see and hear themselves or their partner in their coupleship. James and Share share a glimpse into their intensive work that focuses on identifying limiting beliefs, perceptions and behaviors that keep us from living the life we want.


By examining who you want be and safely embracing yourself at your best, you can bravely connect in intimate ways to yourself and others. As James and Sharon offer you helpful and healing information, they will also be telling some of their own story of finding themselves and a "magical we" so that they can offer hope for all.

Sharon Rinearson, 


CORE Relationship Recovery


CORE Relationship Recovery

Kristin & Michael Cary
Living Truth Ministry

Living Truth Together: How Recovery Groups for Addicts and Partners Can Enhance the Rebuilding of the Marriage

Session Starts 4PM Central

There's no doubt that recovery groups are a significant pillar of healing for both the partner and the addict. However, the model and methods of recovery groups can either greatly enhance or destroy the healing of the marriage relationship .


Michael & Kristin Cary share their experience and insight as they've led groups for partners and addicts with coherent models and methods to give each individual the support they need to rebuild a healthy relationship with each other if they choose!

Carol Juergensen Sheets,

Carol the Coach Strategic Coaching and Therapies

Helping Her Heal: Teaching Couples to Trust Again to Rebuild Intimacy and Empathy

Session Starts 5PM Central

Couples are in chaos after sexual betrayal. This session will help couples begin to develop the skills necessary to rebuild their relationship after infidelity. Carol the Coach will teach tools that all couples would benefit from learning to enhance relationship building — tools essential after betrayal to rebuild trust and intimacy, and to develop the empathy to help her heal.

Help and Hope for Women Struggling with Sex and Love Addiction: Practicing Genuine Intimacy through Recovery & Healing

Session Starts 6PM Central

If you are a woman who struggles with sex, love or relationship addiction, you’re not alone! It may feel that way because relatively few women are open, much less public, about their challenges in this area.


Yet women struggle, too, and in huge numbers. At least one in three visitors to an online adult site is female. Shame often keeps women silent, and sadly, most churches and even counselors don’t recognize their struggle or provide resources for women.


In this interview session between Marnie and Dr. Jake, we will explore the uniquenesses of the recovery experience for the female sex and love addict, and also provide insight and hope for those finding their way toward healing and intimacy.

Marnie Ferree, MA, LMFT, CSAT
Founder & President, Bethesda Workshops

Stefanie Carnes, PhD

President, IITAP
Senior Fellow, The Meadows

Surviving Sexual Betrayal

Session Starts 7PM Central

Betrayal can be devastating to your partner and your relationship, but many couples still love one another and are committed to mending their relationships. In order to do this, it is important for the unfaithful party to understand the traumatic nature of betrayal, and understand how to respond sensitively to their partner's pain. It is also critical they adopt a stance of honesty, transparency and commitment in their relationships. This often includes participating in a facilitated disclosure and emotional restitution process.


Dr. Carnes will be discussing the strategies for relational healing outlined in her new book, Courageous Love: A Couples Guide to Conquering Betrayal.

Day 2 - October 16, 2020 - Schedule

Vulnerability and Value: Navigating the Fear of Intimacy with the Power of Weakness 

Session Starts 9AM Central

Join Dr. Windell as he provides a clear definition of vulnerability in light of one's sense of value and need to be seen, heard, and felt. We value what is affirmed as our sense of identity, which is rooted in the experience of being seen, heard, and felt. 


In this session, Dr. Windell will share strategies for being vulnerable as the means for navigating the fear of intimacy. We will also discover how the power to stay in the relationship and connected to our partners emerges from embracing our own weakness and vulnerability.

Dr. Windell Gill, PSAP

Relational Recovery Coach, Daring Ventures

Dr. Barbara Lowe, LP, BCC, SEP
Co-Founder, World Women's Wholeness Summit

Intimacy After a Lifetime of Trauma

Session Starts 10AM Central

Dr. Barbara Lowe is a licensed psychologist, founder and owner of Greenleaf Psychological Services, a Somatic Experience Practitioner, EMDR Practitioner, Board Certified Life Coach, educator, lay minister, and author. As a gifted international speaker, her audiences are left with the feeling that they have been seen, that their pain has been witnessed, and that their hope for a better life has been renewed. She led the women's panel at the American Association of Christian Counselors World Conference 2019 and she also chaired the AACC World committee for preventing sexual abuse, harassment, and abuses of power.


She and her husband Pastor Tim Sauve are founders of the World Women’s Wholeness Summits (, international on-line conferences dedicated to unity with diversity, legacy, and women’s wholeness from a mental health and faith integrated platform. She is the founder of the Hearts Returning Home Course and soul transformation method that hundreds of women have used to exchange their deepest hurts, wounds, and fears for real hope and joyful confidence. She is the visionary and editor of the Wholeness Rising wholeness handbook for all women. Her programs have impacted over 25,000 women in over 100 countries. She is also the host of the popular Live at 5 Show with Dr. Barbara on Facebook and YouTube and of the internationally acclaimed the Whole Life Podcast.

How Did I Get This Way? Recognizing and Healing from Childhood Neglect

Session Starts 11AM Central

Many people initially seek therapy for problems in their intimate relationships unaware that attachment patterns established in childhood directly affect behavior in their adult relationships. It is important to dismantle and become mindful of survival strategies unconsciously created in childhood that cause dysfunction in adult life. Neglect and our reaction to it is one of the most subtle and unrecognized of those problems which interferes with our ability to love and be loved.


We are naturally created to seek connection, but when unconscious patterns interfere with this process they can produce devastating emotional pain and unhealthy behaviors that prevent this from happening. The first order of business is to unpack risky family situations, brain chemistry, and genetic factors to become mindful of how behaviors in the now are unconsciously being dictated by the past. Awareness then becomes one of the the keys to healing patterns that keep us from achieving true intimacy.

Author, Neglect – The Silent Abuser

Julie St. Onge,

New England Coaching Services LLC  &
The New England Betrayal Trauma Conference


Couples That Play Together: Betrayal, Playfulness, & Rebuilding Trust

Session Starts 1PM Central

In the wake of betrayal both partners discover new aspects of how their past effects their present and future. We can become so fixated on fixing the problem that we rob ourselves of the basic qualities which may have led to attraction in the first place. Cyclical thinking fed by the hippocampus searching reinforces trauma pathways. A spirit of playfulness when appropriate and balanced with safe behavior can assist in creating new pathways, remind us of what qualities we first loved, and release feel good hormones.


Reconnecting with activities we enjoy can stimulate new and healthy pathways to take the place of the old traumatic ones. Feel good hormones release as we spend time doing Non-Betrayal Trauma related activities. There must be a level of safety, grieving and re-establishment to move into this space but it has its place in the new normal. This approach can combat the intrusion of distractions coming in and separating us from connection. We bring all aspects of who we are to playfulness. Not holding back can assist us through the process of deconstructing intimacy anorexia which helps partners feel safe, loved, enough, and able to relax knowing that choosing closeness won't drive their partner away.

Couples Therapy: Methods of Developing Intimacy

Session Starts 2PM Central

This presentation will cover the different methods developed by the current leaders in the field of couples therapy. An overview of the following methods will be discussed: The Gottman Method; PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy); EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy); Couples Boundaries developed by Pia Mellody, and others. This presentation cover criteria you may want to look for when choosing a therapist to work with. Delphi will discuss her experience in working with couples utilizing all of these approaches and what works best with couples dealing with sexual addiction and intimacy issues.

Delphi Medina,

DM Therapy Services

Andrea Rogers, MS, BCC, CPC-c

Fully Alive Coaching


Treasures in the Darkness

Session Starts 3PM Central

The road of recovery from trauma can be a long, hard process. However, within that process there are some hidden treasures that can give you strength for the journey. The road to recovery can actually be a path of discovery. You can discover the truest version of yourself and learn to lead a life you never thought possible. The recovery process is not a life sentence of pain and misery. It can be the pathway to discover your passions and lead you to your purpose.

When AMEN Feels Out of Balance: Walking through Spiritual Disconnect from Your Spouse

Session Starts 4PM Central

Spiritual disconnect, and faith issues are a part of the impact of betrayal and living a life of deception. Couples experience a disconnect in their faith in various ways. In this session, Lyschel will look at the various examples of spiritual disconnect we see in couples along with what to do with that disconnect. We will also talk about the 3rd party who is adding to this spiritual disconnect and how we can battle together as a couple against this uninvited participant. Participants will have a better understanding of who their battle is against and how to remain intentional in the warfare.

Lyschel Burket, 

Hope Redefined

Janice Caudill,

McKinney Counseling & Recovery


Dan Drake,

Banyan Therapy Group


Rebuilding Your Relationship: A Step-by-Step Approach to Creating Safety through Disclosure​

Session Starts 5PM Central

In this presentation, Janice and Dan describes a step-by-step approach on how couples learn to create safety in the relationship through the disclosure of sexual betrayal. Participants will learn how to incorporate practical tools to help prepare for disclosure in a way that minimizes unnecessary pain, maximizes healing potential, and respects the recovery process for both partners and disclosers. Janice and Dan use a betrayal trauma sensitive approach from his and hers workbooks developed to help couples prepare for, engage in, recover from, and ultimately empower themselves through this critical healing juncture.

Nature Healing, Forgiveness. . . and Discovering You

Session Starts 6PM Central

Being in a dysfunctional relationship can cause us to lose sight of who we are. In fact, many ask, “Who am I outside of my partnership?” It can be hard untangling ourselves from the betrayal and pain caused by someone we care about. However, it is possible. In doing so, we are handed an opportunity to discover and understand ourselves more deeply than otherwise thought possible.


Sara knows, because she has been there. Nature was a necessary tool in her own trauma recovery. Being in the fresh air, breeze, by the ocean, or surrounded by trees created space for her to find clarity in life. She was able to dive deep and discover her needs, desires, and who she wanted to be outside her pain. Slowly, she began to forgive herself, and forgive those who have hurt her most.


Without grounding herself in grass, meditating outdoors, or finding pleasure and awe in the simplest of things, Sara never would be where she is today. Nature is healing, a means to enliven our mind, heart, spirit, and body. Sara will walk you through steps to use nature in your healing journey and will share her own personal methods for embracing forgiveness. Forgiving is never about forgetting what happened to you. It’s about no longer holding onto toxic emotions, and instead, living in freedom and peace. We all deserve space to find truth, inspiration, hope, and healing.

Sara Schulting-Kranz, CPC
Live Boldly Coaching, LLC

Steve & Barbara Steffens,

Safe Passages
Former President, APSATS

Couples Recovery: Forgiveness and Reconciliation After Betrayal

Session Starts 7PM Central

Sexual betrayal of any kind in a committed relationship – especially when the betrayal was on going and held secret by the betrayer- has a devastating effect on the connection and trust between the two individuals. This can be the death of a relationship if true reconciliation does not occur. So, what is reconciliation? How does forgiveness and trust play a role in that process?


In this talk, we will discuss this process and dispel often held myths about what it takes to forgive, to trust, and to reconcile. We’ll use our own process of reconciliation to illustrate the concepts we share with the goal of providing help and hope to couples who are committed to building an honest and intimate relationship after betrayal. For those who are not sure if reconciliation is possible, we hope to give you sign posts to help you determine where you are and where you might be headed.

Day 3 - October 17, 2020 - Schedule

John & Karen Rellos, 

Restored Hope Coaching


Roadblocks Ahead: Caution! Detours and Intersections

Session Starts 9AM Central

John and Karen believe God met them uniquely in the midst of their darkest days. What looked impossible for any type of reconciliation became a story of redemption. Together, they are passionate to share their personal story of hope with transparency for those walking similar paths.


John and Karen will be talking about the roadblocks of intimacy and how these patterns can create distance and destruction in a marriage as they did within their story to the point where John walked completely away from Karen and their 6 kids after 26 years of marriage. They will also be sharing how a surprising detour brought them to an intersection which led John and Karen on a (bumpy) road of restoration toward true intimacy and deep connection in the midst of their brokenness.


John and Karen reside in Dallas, Texas with their 6 kids and 5 grand babies and just celebrated their 38th anniversary.

Don't Quit Before the Miracle! Hope for When It's Hard

Session Starts 10am Central

There are some periods in the journey to relational healing and wholeness where dismantling dysfunction and embracing intimacy feel like never ending, all consuming jobs!


In this interview, Cat will unpack some of the common relational dynamics that keep couples stuck and cycling and some of the ways she works with couples through these sticky patches. She will offer some hopeful examples of couples doing the work to move beyond these phases and will encourage you to not "quit before the miracle". Through stories and case studies, Cat will demonstrate that hope and healing are possible and reframe the challenges faced by many couples as opportunities for growth and intimacy development, dismantling dysfunction and growing into health.

Catherine Etherington, CPC 

Head of Recovery, Naked Truth Recovery

Lynn & Julie Calhoun, CPC-c
Healing Together, LLC

From Woundedness to Intimacy: Helping Each Other Heal

Session Starts 11AM Central

Traditional recovery work has individuals in the coupleship working recovery staying on their own "side of the street." He does his thing and she does hers in the hopes that they each heal enough to begin working on the relationship at some point in time. We were taught a different way, a way in which we helped each other heal as we both worked on our own recovery and healing. This conversation is about the success and struggles we encountered along this 'better way'.

After the Car Crashes

Session Starts 1PM Central


When women come to the place in which divorce seems a viable option, every thing they have been working on to heal their relationship comes to a screeching halt. It feels like slamming a car at full speed into a wall and watching all the pieces scatter. The car is no longer driveable. It has been dismantled. Sitting behind the steering wheel behind an exploded airbag punches the breath out of you. As the driver, she must exit the crumpled car and find a new one — one that is just hers. She gets to chose the color, the interior, the bells and whistles on a new car. However, finding the right dealership, the right financial plan, and the right car can be overwhelming.


Kim will offer real time ideas and plans for partners who may be seeking divorce or exploring that option. Helping partners view this new vehicle with excitement and encouragement while grieving the loss of their past car is vital to a successful divorce.

Kim Petroni, MA, CPC-c

Janet Nicholas, LPC, LCDC


Helping Stepfamilies Embrace the Past to Thrive in the Present

Session Starts 2PM Central

Stepfamilies are created out of loss. A death, divorce, or ending of a relationship happens before a new marriage begins. Step-couples have many hopes and dreams for a second chance and are not anticipating the loss and grief dynamics that inevitably surface during early formation and throughout the lifespan of the family system. While the merging of two families can create hope for the children and parents, the grief and loss that also occurs can create havoc and confusion. Having a roadmap assists these families to better understand their journey.

Rebuilding Intimacy After Sexual Betrayal​

Session Starts 3PM Central

When the sexual brokenness of pornography, affairs, etc., devastates a marriage, is there hope for restoration and rebuilding intimacy?


Discover the hope and healing that can transform what seems to be a total loss into a remarkable victory. Learn what it means to speak the truth in love, heal wounds through empathy, (re)learn true intimacy, and guard the treasure of a restored marriage.

Jonathan Daugherty
Be Broken Ministries

Sarah Morales, CPC, CRC

Sarah Morales Coaching


Reframing Gaslighting to Deepen Intimacy

Session Starts 4PM Central

For over 75 years, we have solely focused on one picture and understanding of gaslighting; an understanding that while in many instances is validating, also perpetuates confusion and fear, keeping us from truly healing our relationships with our self and others.


Join Sarah as she broadens our picture and understanding of what gaslighting is, shifting the energy around the topic from fear to approachability and curiosity. She will introduce her Gaslighting Scale©, the difference between gaslighting as a behavior and an experience, and how we can even self-gaslight! Sarah will share with you a few key tools that you can start using immediately. When we begin to see gaslighting from this new perspective, we open the door to knowing ourselves and those around us more deeply and clearly than ever.

Sexual Addiction and Polygraph​

Session Starts 5PM Central

Stephen Cabler is considered one of the leading world experts on the therapeutic use of polygraph in the treatment of sexual addiction. He has travelled around the world both to examine individuals in recovery and train polygraph examiners in this methodology. Individuals come to Houston from across the country and around the world to complete polygraphs with Stephen.


In his summit interview, licensed polygraph examiner Stephen Cabler discusses best practices for using polygraphs as a support in the process of recovery from sexual addiction.

Stephen Cabler
Cabler Polygraph, LLC

Lisa Taylor, CCPS 

Naked Truth Project


Dismantling Dysfunction: Recognizing and Moving Away from Old Patterns​

Session Starts 6PM Central

Relationships where there is sex addiction or betrayal trauma almost always suffer from other unhealthy patterns. Many of these patterns have arisen because of the way sex addiction affects the brain. Post-disclosure, relational difficulties sometimes arise because of the way betrayal trauma changes the partner’s brain. Some of the common struggles of the person with the addiction, which impact relationships, are low relational “IQ”, “child/parent” dynamics with their spouse, situational abuse, and controlling behaviors. For the betrayed partner, she may find herself situationally violent, or experiencing betrayal blindness. Fortunately, with help couples can almost always develop new, healthier ways of behaving and relating.

The 40 Day Choose Connection Challenge: Applying the Science of Change for Relational Transformation

Session Starts 7pm Central

Disfunction doesn’t just disappear, and intimacy isn’t created through mere intention. No, we must ACT differently to create a life of renewed relationships. In Dr. Jake’s brand new, free program—The 40 Day Choose Connection Challenge—couples learn how to take small steps toward the dismantling of their dysfunctional dynamics and the actual embrace of intimate connection.

In his summit address, Dr. Jake will lay the foundation for choosing connection and explain the neuroscience of why we must behave differently to think and feel differently. With the fundamentals of the Choose Connection paradigm in place, couples will be prepared to launch into their own 40-day adventure, discovering the power of small steps toward big change.

Dr. Jake Porter

President & Founder, Daring Ventures

Day 4 - October 18, 2020 - Partial Schedule

Altogether You: Helping All Parts of You Heal

Session Starts 9AM Central

Internal Family Systems is a dynamic and revolutionary new paradigm that is proving to be a powerful tool in healing and recovery. Join this engaging conversation to learn the life-changing tools that IFS delivers and apply several immediate take-aways to change your life today.


In this session, you'll learn the transformative "All Parts are Welcome" paradigm, as well as the concept of "Moving Toward" as a tool for healing. 

Jenna Riemersma, LPC, CSAT-S

The Atlanta Center for Relational Healing

Author, Altogether You


Gaelyn Rae Emerson, 

Women Ever After, LLC

Mourning to Move Forward: Betrayal–Related Grief for Men, Women, Couples, and Communities​

Session Starts 10AM Central

For men and women whose lives are forever changed by sexual behavior and sexual betrayal—along with the subsequent (and sometimes precedent) relational trauma that accompanies each experience—there’s no denying the deep and profound loss of “what used to be” and “what might have been.” Faced with this reality, individuals, couples, families and communities struggle to process the unpredictability of their grief, characterized (and complicated) by indeterminate severity, duration and presentation.


While most of us are reasonably skilled at identifying the symptoms of grief, few are confidently equipped with skills and solutions to compassionately navigate through it. With passionate personal and professional experience, Gaelyn Emerson demystifies the topic of grief, specifically as it relates to the incomparable experience of sexual behavior and sexual betrayal.

Maneuvering Sexual Intimacy After Infidelity

Session Starts 11am Central

After sexual betrayal, couples experience sexual dysfunction. During "Maneuvering Sexual Intimacy After Infidelity," Daring Ventures Team Member Connie Spiegel will talk with MJ about common sexual challenges after infidelity and share guidance regarding conversations couples can have and steps couples can take to help them maneuver their sexual relationship to increase both individual and couples healing.

MJ Denis, LPC, LMFT,

Crossroads Counseling Associates

Conrad & Kathy Reynolds, CPC
Relational Recovery Coach, Daring Ventures

Founder, Recalibrate Coaching

Beyond Disclosure: The Long Term Benefits of Polygraph and Disclosure for the Addict, the Partner, and the Relationship

Session Starts 12PM Central

For partners, life as we knew it shattered the moment we discovered our husband's infidelity. Often what we found is only the tip of the iceberg. Desperate to rebuild our shattered lives, we set out on a mission to discover our reality. Rebuilding trust and intimacy feels like an impossible task as we question, "Who is this person I have married, and who am I to him?" Partners feel duped, stupid, and not enough. They ask themselves over and over, "How could he do this to me? What did he do? Who did he do it with?" The never ending questions take over every waking thought, making day to day tasks an impossible feat. It feels impossible to function because of the trauma.


The sex addict is met with daily interrogations, a never-ending sea of questions. In his shame, he often minimizes, lies, deflects, and manipulates out of fear for his life, fear of hurting his wife, fear of losing his family, fear of being fully known, and fear of getting caught, to name a few. The risks are high, and the tension palatable. How can they ever move forward from this toxic place?


The therapeutic disclosure process is where the healing begins. Conrad and Kathy will discuss the short- and long-term benefits of this process to the individuals and their relationship. The therapeutic disclosure process is the foundation on which reconciliation and authentic intimacy are built.

Reconnecting with Self After Sexual Betrayal

Session Starts 2PM Central

Sexual betrayal causes an attachment injury between the betrayer and his or her spouse as well as attachment injuries between wounded parents and their children, and between the coupleship and their extended family and social circle.


While these attachment injuries are important to address as part of healing a betrayed heart, the greatest attachment injury betrayed partners experience is the injury in our attachment to ourselves.


Betrayed partners don’t just lose trust in their spouse, they lose trust in themselves. Who am I? Why was I not enough? What’s wrong with me? How could I have been so stupid that I didn’t know this was going on? 

The loss of confidence in themselves is compounded as betrayed partners reel from the effects of PTSD associated brain fog that causes them to feel incompetent in daily life. In addition, the pain of betrayal often creates an inability to emotionally regulate, resulting in feeling out of control and a sense of being disconnected from who we are and how we want to show up. This disconnection happens holistically—our body, soul, and spirit are all affected.

Laurie Hall, RScP, CPC-S, PSAP

Author, An Affair of the Mind
President, APSATS

Polarizing Politics and Family

Session Starts 2PM Central

It is hard enough sometimes to stay connected to family, and even harder when those family members are informed by an entirely different ideology than your own. How do you stay connected, especially in this season, when you absolutely do not agree?


In this session, BJ will help us to have a greater awareness of faulty beliefs that undermine true intimacy, encourage us to have authentic relationships that aren't confined by "the rules," and give tools for continuing a journey of self-reflection and self-inquiry.

BJ Ramon

Houston Christian Counseling Center

Marnie Breecker, LMFT, CSAT, CCPS

The Center for Relational Healing

From the Get-Go: Starting Addiction Recovery with Awareness of Partner Trauma​

Session Starts 3PM Central

In order to dismantle relational dysfunction and embrace intimacy, couples recovering from betrayal trauma must first rebuild the very foundation of their relationship, starting with safety. Yet most addicts when first starting recovery lack the very skills necessary to create safety and restore intimacy. While getting sober from the sexually addictive or compulsive behavior is a crucial step in beginning the journey of recovery for an addict, it is only a first step on the road to healing a relationship traumatized by betrayal. Addicts are tasked with a big job even in early recovery; to become sober, build a support network, learn how to ask for help, develop a relapse prevention plan and also start the process of helping his partner heal which requires a separate list of tasks; develop an understanding of the role of shame as a barrier to relational healing, learn about and recognize his partner's trauma symptoms, learn and understanding his partner's boundaries and their role in creating safety and begin to learn the skill of empathy and be coached in its practice.


When early treatment fails to integrate the partner trauma model into the addict's recovery from the very beginning, it undermines the process of relational healing and repair and often creates treatment induced trauma for the partner.

Strange Bedfellows: Unwelcome Guests in Our Intimate Relationships

Session Starts 4PM Central

The baggage we bring into relationships from our families of origin, our faith paradigms or community traditions, and the greater context of our culture can undermine true intimacy in insidious and unseen ways. An introductory overview of how these factors intersect and interrupt our intimate relationships will bring greater awareness, and from awareness capacity for change. Embark on this daring venture of deconstructing what we take for granted as true about ourselves, our partners, and our world to find a love worth keeping.

Jessica Guillory

Daring Ventures Recovery

Sheri Keffer, PhD, LMFT,

Author, Intimate Deception

Intimate Deception: Healing the Wounds of Sexual Betrayal

Session Starts 5PM Central

Beyond broken vows, discovering that your significant other has been viewing pornography, sexting, or having an affair deals a devastating blow to your self-image and self-worth. You must grapple with the fact that the one you thought you knew has intentionally lied and deceived you.


Dr. Sheri Keffer will invite you to discover the healing you can have after the trauma of sexual betrayal. She'll unpack how betrayal affects your mind, body, spirit, and sexuality. So often, those of us that have been sexually betrayed, heal broken. Much like a broken bone that isn't set before healing, betrayed partners can be left with residual pain and suffer longterm effects. Sheri's desire is to not only help you heal, but heal well.

Getting Out of the Drama Triangle and Learning to Live Above the Line​

Session Starts 6PM Central

As we all want to develop greater levels of healthy intimacy we sadly face the reality that many of the people we love and interact with are living Below the Line — in what we might call a constant state of DRAMA! It can be so hard once we are sucked into this vortex to get out.


In this session, we will look at what it means to live Above the Line and experience relationships that are rich in curiosity and connection. We will also look at healthy tools to help combat relationships with people who just can't seem to get out of the drama and Above the Line.

Tina Wehner, 

Hope and Freedom Counseling Services

Jen Cole, RN, DOHN, CPC

Jen Cole Coaching  |  Dawning Hearts

Understanding Our Values and Minimizing Fear​

Session Starts 7PM Central

When we fully understand our values and fears it creates an awareness in ourselves and others so we can draw closer. No one person’s values or fears are any greater than someone else’s — just different. With this Awareness, we can make informed Choices which leads to Empowerment (ACE©️) and authentic intimacy with our partner.